Perk # 52: Rockin’ The Bandana

Rockin' the bandana with my sister, Lynette.

Until recently I thought that the right to wear hats and other head wear belonged to British royalty and certain ethnic groups.  With the exception of my woollen toque, hats made me feel “pretentious”, like I was trying to pull off a Kate Middleton.   Since losing my hair however, I have discovered a whole new line of accessories: hats, wigs, turbans, scarves, and my personal favourite, bandanas.   I can coordinate my headdress to match any outfit, without feeling the least bit pretentious.   In fact, I feel so confident with my new style that I will continue to rock the bandana even after my hair returns.

Tip:  If you lose your hair due to chemo, try experimenting with different styles and varieties of head wear.  You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style.

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