Perk # 50: The Use Of Medicinal Marijuana

Bong Shop in Key West, FL.

Let me make one thing clear, I am not the type to scrimp on drugs.  When it comes to natural childbirth, for example, I am completely against it.   If there is a drug out there to ease pain and suffering of any kind, you can give it to me (I’m talking legit, prescribed meds of course).  After all, that is why God created pharmaceuticals.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, one of my biggest concerns was about the side effects of chemo.  I was fine with losing my hair, but just the thought of being sick, made me sick.  I was so relieved when my Oncologist explained to me the variety of drugs available to cancer patients: steroids, diuretics, and anti-nausea pills, to name a few.  If all else failed, she could even prescribe medicinal marijuana!

Suddenly, I had visions of myself in a long, flowing skirt, my arms weighed down with bangles, puffing  contentedly on a joint as I listened to Bob Marley tunes. I even briefly considered getting the peace symbol tattooed to my ankle.  However, my daughter Kaitlyn put an abrupt end to my fantasies when she said, “Mom, don’t even think about trying to be one of those COOL cancer patients, you can’t pull it off.”   And so, my friends, I am sad to say that while the use of medicinal marijuana is a perk of having cancer, for me it was a missed perk.  Although I do think I AM cool enough to pull it off!

Tip:  Cancer treatments can have some nasty side effects, but there is no need to suffer in silence.  Explore with your doctor the many options available to ease unpleasant symptoms and side effects.



6 thoughts on “Perk # 50: The Use Of Medicinal Marijuana

  1. I’m with you – I will take whatever is necessary to feel better. I think that is one reason why I got through chemo without too many issues. Hope you’re having fun in Florida!

    And you are not a cool cancer patient. You are a cool cancer WARRIOR! 🙂

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