Perk # 49: A Free Trip To Florida

I am posting this perk from sunny Florida, compliments of my sister, Lynette and her generous husband, Jeff.   This surprise vacation could not have come at a better time. It allows me to recoup after my chemo treatments, and prepare me both mentally and physically for my up-coming mastectomy.  While my colleagues in Canada are trudging to work through several feet of snow, I am lounging by the pool, soaking up the rays, with a warm breeze blowing through my stubble.  That is one of the perkiest  perks of having cancer!

Tip:  There is nothing like a good dose of sunshine to lift your spirits when you are undergoing cancer treatments.  If you are not able to fly off to a sunny destination, make like a cat and curl up in a sunny location in your house.

11 thoughts on “Perk # 49: A Free Trip To Florida

  1. Hi Florence,

    Well, it certainly is true that we never really know what we will be doing from one day to the next. What a great family you have! I know you have a lot on your mind about now, but I hope you can experience true relaxation under some well-earned sunbeams. Soak ’em up, m’dear!

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  2. So glad to hear that your are enjoying sunny Florida. Whata great sister and brother-in-law you have. Keep up your spirits. I am continuing to paray for you, that all will go well, especially with your mastectomy.

  3. Unfortunately I am one of the friends trudging through the snow!!!! You look great by the way and so does the spot you are in!!!!! I am not jealous– well maybe a little, sorry, a lot. Have a great time and drop me a line. Oh by the way– tell your father we can see the white glare up here on the global satilite.


  4. Enjoy the time with your family, you deserve every minute of it. Enjoy those beautiful children of yours too, as I’m finding out they grow up way too fast. Drew will be 12 in too months. I’ve been following your blog ever since I found out about it and Flo, I love all your perks.

  5. Oh I couldn’t agree more with you! Florida is my “go to” place for R&R – all during my treatment, which took place in the cold of the Irish winter, I would visualize being there in the sunshine and when my treatment finished, that is exactly where I took myself off to. I am blessed to have a dear friend who lives there and whose door is always open to me when I need another injection of sunshine. Have a wonderful time x

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  7. I hope you are still enjoying the Florida sunshine. When I was in Florida over the holidays, I absolutely loved the perk of having basically no hair. It made swimming so much more enjoyable. And getting some sun on the old dome felt terrific. You are right – there is nothing like wonderful sunshine to lift your spirits. An umbrella drink doesn’t hurt either… 😉

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