Perk # 48: Cancer Shook Up My New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

Well, it is that time of year again, time to take stock of our weaknesses and vices and vow that THIS year is going to be different!   My New Year’s resolutions, like most people’s, have been pretty standard:

A Exercise more/ get in shape

B Eat healthier

C Drink less

D All of the above

Boooorrrring!  Even though I don’t actually smoke, sometimes I will add “Quit smoking”,  because I’m pretty sure that is one I can really commit to.   Come March when all of the other ideals have fallen by the wayside, and my friends are moaning about breaking their New Year’s resolutions, at least I can say, “I haven’t had a smoke so far this year!”

For the first time in my life, I am starting a new year with cancer.  The perk is, after twenty or more years of broken resolutions, I know that THIS is the year I will honour them.  Here they are:

A Stay alive (that encompasses all of the old resolutions regarding eating, drinking and exercising)

How can I be sure that I will really do it this year?  Well, just imagine that your resolution is to be able to run a mile.  But it is hard to train for that because, you know, you get your period, your knees hurt, it rains, and so on, rendering it impossible to stick to your goal.   Then one day, you are walking in the woods and suddenly a bear pops up behind you.  Voila!  The adrenaline kicks in and you run a mile back to your car.  Well, cancer is that bear, and I am running for my life, so I’m pretty sure I will do it this time.

Just in case it doesn’t work out, I would like to add:

B Quit smoking.

Tip:  Cancer is a great wake up call! You have to treat your body like a temple.  Even if you are like me and have been living a “healthy-ish” lifestyle, there is always room for improvement.

7 thoughts on “Perk # 48: Cancer Shook Up My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Just found your blog via Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. Looks like you have a great sense of humor about things and that’s always helpful. I like the bear/cancer analogy. That’s how it feels. Let’s both keep on “running!”

  2. I know you are going to out run the bear which in your life is cancer…. you have that “get it done attitude” and instead of crying in your beer you are making us all laugh. Have a Happy Healthy New Year

  3. Quit smoking is good for everyone to hear, not because we say it, but research has shown its relationship to various cancers. Eat healthy foods, slow down on the alcohol and move your body! We can do it if we really make up our minds to do so. Happy New Year!

  4. Once again, Florence, we are on the same page. I have been wondering what kind of “resolutions” I will make this year — my first New Year post-breast cancer. I think my resolutions will end up being more about experiences and less about what size I am (although I would love to lose some weight!).

    Oh – and one more GREAT perk of cancer and having no hair – getting to swim in the pool on vacation and not worrying about my hair style, my hair color or what effect the chlorine is having. It’s been very liberating.

  5. I haven’t written before but thought I would share that I enjoy your blog and have just sent your New Year’s message to my breast cancer support group that we formed in Beijing, China. I lived there for a five years and saw a need for a support group for expat women who were going through BC but without family and friends nearby. I now recognize that I am drifting away from the optimism/realism you feel because I now have 11 years between the end of my long treatment. I also realize that I need to stretch this daily contemplation you are doing to my life now, particularly my marriage and my children and all that is important to me. Like you, I was a very upbeat cancer patient, always seeing the bright side. Science doesn’t show evidence that that in itself helps us survive longer but I think it does in that we continue to project positively to our family and friends and they in turn are more able to take care of us. Keep going girl!! Carina

    • Thank you for sharing that Carina! You are right, Science has not proven that a positive attitude helps us to live longer….although like you, I do believe it does. We do not get to choose how long we live, but we do get to choose our attitude each day. While a positive attitude may not guarantee a LONGER life, it does ensure a HAPPIER life. That is reason enough to strive to remain positive in the face of our suffering. God Bless!

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