Perk # 45: Say Good-Bye To Bad Hair Days

It may be close to Christmas, but you would never say it with the weather we had yesterday.  I dreaded going out into the heavy rain and wind  to run my errands, but alas I had hungry mouths to feed.   As I sprinted in to the grocery store, I couldn’t help but notice how many hair-do’s had gone awry in the bad weather.  There were flat do’s, frizzy do’s, and sticking-out-at-weird-angles-do’s.  I  smugly grinned to myself, thinking how super sleek my hair still looks despite the weather. You see,  I have the advantage of being able to leave my hair at home on bad days, and wear a stylish hat instead.

Tip:  If chemo has robbed you of your hair, buy yourself a good selection of hats and caps  and leave the wig at home when the weather is bad.


9 thoughts on “Perk # 45: Say Good-Bye To Bad Hair Days

  1. merry christmas Florence. I hope you have a great christmas and an even better new year. fresh start, good news and a never ending life. from our house to yours. its the little things that matter in this life and you have certainly brought them to lite for everyone. Enjoy it.

  2. Too funny! I often think that some men shave their heads, especially when they start to go bald. There are some benefits to not having hair at all. I’ve even considered buying one wig of a color I would like and wearing it on those special occasions. You’re hilarious, girl! You could also get a tattoo, and never have to even worry about a hat! This time of year all you need is a warm hat.

  3. Merry Christmas Florence .I’m really enjoying your blog
    How can anyone be down in the dumps @ Christmas
    when they read your sure make me smile
    So enjoy your Christmas with family and friends
    and I will be looking forward to your next blog

  4. I am loving the two minute shower – no need to fuss with the shampoo and conditioner! It is summer for us in New Zealand so I am usually rocking the bandana look at the moment as the wig is too hot and scratchy – it’s amazing the no. of people I’ve come across who have their own story to tell me as the bandana is like a neon sign! Merry Christmas from downunder. Catherine and clan

    • thanks Catherine! I can’t wait to brag to my daughter that someone from New Zealand is reading my blog. She keeps my ego in check with comments like “Mom, it is probably only your own friends reading your blog.” Mind you, when I say things like, “Gimme the computer, I need to read my fan mail”, I probably need an ego check! Merry Christmas from the cold north!

  5. You are smart and I am lucky that I found your wisdom. I’m starting chemo soon and I think I will officially lose my hair on my 36th birthday. I have been beyond sad. But thoughts like this rain thing lifts my spirits! I have always been a victim of rain hair–fuzzy, frizzy, flat, oddly shaped–but maybe during this Chemo Fun Time I can have at least one little ha! to all of the other ladies struggling to get their locks under a hood/umbrella/newspaper.


    • Good luck with Chemo, Kendra! My hair fell out soon after my first treatment, but it really wasn’t so bad. Actually, you know how people say “I feel like pulling my hair out!!!” well, we actually get to literally pull our hair out. Get yourself a nice wig, and learn to “rock the bandana!”

  6. Have you looked at our website ECO Hats for fashion & Chemo patients. Hats made of ultra soft bamboo embellished with healing crystals like rose quartz, jade and many others. Hats come with or without real hair extensions. Be sure to watch the 2 you tubes on our homepage.

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