Perk # 43: Bank Account Recovery

I just hate that feeling of standing at the banking ATM waiting for my passbook to up-date.   The more “ch-ch-ching-ching’s”  I hear from the machine, the more nervous I get,  knowing  full well that those transactions are stacking up under “withdrawal” column.  Then there is that moment of anticipation, as I hold my breath and scan the bottom line hoping not to see the dreaded “-“ sign.

Luckily, since my chemo started, I have experienced a phenomenon called “Bank Account Recovery”.    Each chemo knocks me down for at least a week to ten days, days that I am rendered unable to shop.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the reduction in my banking transactions, and the resulting bottom line.  Folks, I’m not kidding you, since getting cancer, I have literally HUNDREDS of dollars in the bank!  Now that chemo has ended, I think it may be time to treat myself to a little shopping spree.

Tip:  On those days that you are not well enough to shop, consider it money in the bank.

4 thoughts on “Perk # 43: Bank Account Recovery

  1. This is hilarious! I feel that way any day I’m too sick to shop! It’s getting that you can’t go to the Mall without spending a couple hundred bucks. If we could make our clothes and gifts, wouldn’t we be rich? Nah…easier to pay the Visa!!

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