Perk #42: Cancer Has Proven To Me That Humour Can Be Found In Pretty Much ANY Situation


One of Shawn’s friends, whom I’ve never met, recently said to him, “I read Florence’s blog.  She must be hilarious!”  To which he jokingly  replied, “Naw, she’s not that funny in real life.”  And it’s true!   Maybe it is something about having cancer that makes you see that humour can be found in pretty much any situation, if you look hard enough.

The most stoic example I have ever heard about humour in the face of hardship was told to me by my friend, Kim, a social worker.    A man in his thirties, after being told that he was terminally ill, said to her, “Kim, the doctor told me I only have two weeks left to live.  I told him I would take the first week in July and the last week in August.”  That is a true story and a shining example that laughter and joy come so naturally to the human spirit.

Tip:  LAUGH!

5 thoughts on “Perk #42: Cancer Has Proven To Me That Humour Can Be Found In Pretty Much ANY Situation

  1. Sometimes, when you suffer through the indignities of surgery and cancer treatment, all you can do is shrug your shoulders and just be glad you are alive. You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore – that’s for sure!

    Cancer has forced me not to take myself too seriously and I think that’s where having a sense of humor can help. I can’t be too serious when I show up at work with different wigs or scarves. My motto at work is: “Different day, different hair.” Humor helps put my co-workers at ease.

  2. you are so right, Jen. I am not sure if your last blog entry was meant to be funny, but I will admit I giggled when I read about you going to your staff Christmas party with swollen ankles and stretchy pants:) Maybe because I can relate. God Bless!

  3. Well what can i say, Ive heard that saying right from the horses mouth when we got some sad news in Feb.2009 that my brother only had less than weeks to live..He had his sence of humour from the time he was told untill the day he passed in May 2009..He was not giving up the fight…He passed the day after Mothers Day that May..When he passed It seemed liked the world was ending but then I got the strength that I never knew I had..I used to keep telling myself if he My Brother could fight this battle to the very end I would be okay..He Lived for his Famly!!

    • I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to NAME the person I was referring to, but I guess you figured it out. I am glad that your memories of him are how he loved life until the very end. I have heard so many good things about him.

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