Perk # 38: Cancer Really Makes Me Appreciate The Good Days.

Wake me up for Christmas!

I am now lying in bed….in full chemo attack mode…..fondly reminiscing about the pre cancer days when my BFF, Jackie, would call me up to compare hangover symptoms.   She would say something like, “I’m perishing here,” and I would respond, “I’m sick enough to be prayed for in church.”  Well, not to sound morbid (since this is meant to be an up-lifting blog), but if you take your worst hangover day and multiply it by 100, then you’ve got a bad chemo day.

The thing that helps me through the rough days is my favourite mantra: This too shall pass.  It will pass, and I will feel good again!  Even on the days when I feel “normal-ish”  I can almost hear the  Alleluia chorus singing: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alll-eee—luuuuu—IAAAAAA!  So I can only imagine how grateful I will be when this sickness is behind me.  I will never again take another “good day” for granted.

p.s. Wednesday, December 7th was my LAST chemo!

Tip:  When times get rough, just remember:  This too shall pass.

13 thoughts on “Perk # 38: Cancer Really Makes Me Appreciate The Good Days.

  1. Your blog is just fantastic!!! And you are right – this too shall pass!! I was very fortunate that chemo treated me well. But I will never forget that last day!!! Even though I still had a hard road ahead, I somehow felt ready to face the world!! Keep fighting girl!! You are a survivor- a warrior!! I battled this beast and kicked his a$& and so will you!! Take care!!! xo

  2. Whoa….last chemo! Wonderful news!!! I’m sure you will be feeling so much better in a few days and your best present has arrived early just before Christmas – no more treatments!!!

  3. At least on your not so good days you still look beautiful! I can honestly say Florence I have never met anyone quite like you. You are truly an inspiration to all. I really enjoy the laughs we’ve had and look forward to many more. I will be dropping by over the holidays for one of our spiritual chats and a glass of wine. Keep smiling beautiful, your dear friend Melvie xo

  4. I remember that feeling all too well, but you are right that too will pass. The road is long and hard but the reward is so great. LIFE. Hang in there, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  5. Hope your’e feeling better in no time. YAAH..last chemo treatment, same for Laura, she too is in her bad days…but every sunrise gets you closer to good ones! Still praying for both of you! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Take Care!

    • I will say a prayer for Laura as well. There is a beautiful one to “St. Michael of the Saints”. My favorite line is: “Grant us, we pray, a humble faith, that we may follow in his holy footsteps and believe without doubt in your generous gift of healing.”

  6. Hi, Florence! It’s funny that we both had our last chemo on the same day. I am SO relieved this is over. I am sure you must feel the same way. Sorry you are experiencing the “crash and burn” after chemo. That’s what I call it. Just think – in a couple of days, you will start feeling like your old self again and you can put the chemo phase behind you. Take good care. Jen

  7. HI Florence, four years ago I went through chemo for breast cancer. It is difficult while you are going through it. but today I am doing wonderful. After going through
    cancer, I really appreciate life more.Keep up your positive attitude and you will survive this ordeal.

  8. Happy New Year, Florence!
    That was exactly my mantra also, “This too shall pass…” It works! I hope that you were able to enjoy some Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

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