Perk # 33: Cancer Helped Me To Discover New Beauty Tips.

Beauty Potions

One of the unfortunate side effects of chemo is puffiness around the eyes.  When you have several liters of chemicals pumped in to your body, it has to go somewhere.  Imagine my dismay, when I awoke one morning to find bags the size of shopping bags hanging beneath my eyes.  And Shawn was on his way to visit me!  I searched through my bag of creams and serums to find a solution, but none looked promising.  Then I spotted the Preparation H, and remembered a tip I had read in a beauty magazine.  Hey, it works to shrink haemorrhoids, so I decided to give it a try.  In no time, the puffiness was gone!    I may have smelled like an ass-pardon my language- but I looked good.  I feel like I should insert a disclaimer here: Do not, and I repeat, do NOT try this at home……but if you choose to ignore my warning, then be careful  not to get it in your eyes.

Tip:  Just because you have cancer, does not mean you can’t look good.

Bonus tip: You can keep them guessing with Oil of Olay, or turn back the clock with Preparation H.

3 thoughts on “Perk # 33: Cancer Helped Me To Discover New Beauty Tips.

  1. Love reading your BLOGS!! Just wish you were writing them for someone else, no one should have to go through this, especially one of my girlies!!

  2. Florence your worth your weight in gold my dear .Such wonderful spirit you have ,Keep it up, you make me smile all the time even though I know you are fighting a battle ,God is good ,I pray for you all the time ..keep up that positive attitude you have and God bless you ..keep your perks coming ,it’s a delight to read them.

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