Perk # 32: Cancer Has Allowed Me To Keep Better Tabs On My Teens

Beware of Modern Warfare Flu Epidemic

Life before cancer was a whirlwind.  I would work all day, come home to prepare three different meals to satisfy my finicky eaters (Ok, I am not going to win Mother of the Year after that comment!), then try to spend some fun, yet educational time with Ben.  That didn’t leave much time for my teens, Kaitlyn and Donovan.  However, cancer has slowed the pace of my life, and allowed me to become more involved in theirs.

I am not sure if that is exactly working to THEIR advantage, as now nothing slips by me.  Let’s take for example, the mysterious case of the flu which hit Donovan a couple of weeks ago.   I think it was a bit of an epidemic among the guys in his school.  Turns out it was on the same day that the X-box game “Modern Warfare 3” was released.  I will give the devil his due, he might have even gotten away with it, had he not posted to Facebook “My life is now complete” with a picture of the game.  Yes, I was creeping my son on Facebook.  I am allowed to do that because I have cancer.

Tip: Cancer gives you a lot of down time.  Put it to good use by snooping on your kids.

4 thoughts on “Perk # 32: Cancer Has Allowed Me To Keep Better Tabs On My Teens

  1. Hahahhhhaaaaaa! I remember that day and how worried Mom was about Donovan having the flu! She was so happy when he was feeling better by days end…..or dare I say 3 O’Clock?? Awesome post!

  2. I believe there is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the safety or education of the ill effects of social media when it comes to our children… matter how small…..lolololol…..besides it can give you a new career path in private investigation.

  3. Do you get treatment at then Cancer clinic at the health science centre? My dad Is a porter there if you do, wayne walsh. He has red hair and glasses! Lol

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