Perk # 31: Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch

Florence and Patches, post chemo

My dog loving friends, Lil, V, Nat, and Oprah (OK, she is not my friend YET, but let’s keep that door open!)  will be mortified to hear that I have fantasized about killing my dog, Patches.  Just last night, for example, she woke me from a sound sleep with a shrill whine and the clickity-clack of her sharp nails tap dancing across my laminate floor.  I faked I was asleep for as long as possible, but soon realized I was not going to get any rest until I let her out to pee.  At this point in my story I should stop myself and send a sincere apology to my neighbours, Keith and Cora Lee, in case they looked out at 2 a.m and saw a bald woman, clad only in her underwear (chemo causes early menopause and severe hot flashes….) yelling “Hurry up and pee would ya!”  But I digress……Patches has proven herself to be a faithful and loving companion through my journey with cancer.  She never leaves my side.  As I am fading in and out of consciousness post-chemo, I can always count on seeing her furry face, black lips and big brown eyes looking at me when I open my eyes.  She has been with me for nearly ten years, but this is the first time I have truly enjoyed her company.  Too bad it took getting cancer to make me really appreciate her.

Tip:   If you are battling cancer, this might not be the best time to get a new pet.  But if you already have one, nourish the relationship with your furry friend.

7 thoughts on “Perk # 31: Cancer Made Me Appreciate My Pooch

  1. Dogs are almost as good as cats. lol. I must say that Patches is a very nice and loyal dog but I’m getting you a cat for Christmas.

  2. Florence, I love your sense of humor. Keep them coming. I look forward to your posts. You are truly an inspiration to the Warriors.

  3. Would love to have seen that, it must be love!
    Did you know that making eye contact with your dog produces the happiness hormone oxytocin in your bloodstream? So keep looking at Patchy.
    By the way Juno misses you

  4. Florence,
    Pets are so loyal and I do beieve they feel your pain, I know my three cats and my dog are amazing that way and I love them for their nurturing personalities.

  5. Hi Florence,

    Even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my cat Monza became a true lap cap – constantly curling up with me at any time I sat down and never leaving my side, rather my breast. He would actually sleep on the breast that tried to kill me. Animals KNOW…After my surgery and all my chemo was done, he left me alone and is now back to his ol’ self again, only occasionally gracing me with his presence. Bless your Patches! Take care.

    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  6. I have a “Max” to your Patches.Only someone who has an old,furry guardian angel during your lowest moments can appreciate that bond you get with them

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