Perk # 30: Cancer Has Given Me Bragging Rights

By bragging rights, I don’t just mean that I can brag that I survived cancer, I mean it makes it OK for me to brag about anything!  Unabashed bragging would normally bring comments such as:  “Geeze, isn’t she the conceited one!”  Or, as we say in Newfoundland, “She’s some big in herself.”   But with cancer, I can make my brags about anything, and people respond with, “Good for you, Florence!” and under their breath, “Poor thing has cancer, God love her.”

So on that note, I was interviewed on CBC radio today about my blog!  You can listen to it at:

I think that is a big deal, and certainly worth bragging about.  And furthermore, I am allowed to brag because I have cancer.

Tip:  Having cancer makes bragging socially acceptable, so go ahead and toot your own horn.

One thought on “Perk # 30: Cancer Has Given Me Bragging Rights

  1. Greetings, Florence!

    My husband just arrived home from work and told me about your interview on CBC Radio Noon today. I immediately listened to it – in fact, we listened to it together. You are an awesome inspiration to so many women living with the disease. I, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and recently returned to work after 18 months medical leave recovering from treatments. I can relate to many of the things you spoke about today, especially the idea that perhaps some things happen for a reason – it helps to make sense out of something so senseless, I suppose. I hope you will indulge me while I relate to you a story. One of the things I found that helped me also was blogging, and focusing on the positive things in my life – my blog has become a form of ‘happy therapy’…

    I am an avid gardener and believe gardens can be very healing in many ways. In June, I noticed an ad in a gardening magazine for a beautiful pink hydrangea dedicated by the grower, Proven WInners, to persons with breast cancer. The name of the plant is ‘Invincibelle Spirit’. It is able to survive poor growing conditions – a true survivor plant. And, for every shrub sold to garden centres in the U.S. and Canada, $1 up to $1 million is being donated to breast cancer research.

    I went in search of my ‘Invincibelle Spirit’ to add true beauty and meaning to my garden and found it in abundance at Pat’s Plants and Gardens in Bay Bulls. I later google the plant and discovered that Proven Winners has created an entire ‘Pink Days’ campaign associated with the plant. Soon after, I felt compelled to asked Pat Puddester, owner of Pat’s Plants, if she might consider hosting a Garden ‘Pink Days’. She immediately AND generously agreed! While still on medical leave, I decided to focus my energies on producing with Pat, her amazing staff and awesome volunteers, the first-ever Pink Days event of its kind in our province.

    I wound up doing an interview with the CBC Radio Morning Show (my first interview ever which was, admittedly, out of my comfort zone). I believe that interview helped generate a lot of positive buzz about the event around town. Garden Pink Days was a beautiful success! We shared. We laughed. We cried. We can’t wait to do it again. 🙂

    Garden ‘Pink Days’ is about Awareness, Hope and Support for women living with breast cancer and their families and is a wonderful way to connect with the people ( young and old) living in our neighbourhoods and communities in a way like no other.

    ‘The Dream’ is that in a few years, more and more garden centres across the island will join in hosting Pink Days. And, indeed, several other nurseries have already expressed their keen interest in hosting a Pink Day next summer, and I could not be more thrilled! I could NOT have dreamed, however, in a zillion years, that in less than four short months after hosting our first Pink Days event at Pat’s Plants, that I would be invited to travel to Toronto to attend a national garden centre conference there hosted by Sheridan Nurseries – to speak about my personal Pink Days experience to over 130 independent nurseries from across the country in the hopes of inspiring them to also host their own version of Pink Days!!!

    Indeed, Proven Winners in the U.S. has also used my ‘little’ Pink Days blog posts as part of their presentation this past June to their major growers in the U.S. to help them realize the impact the Pink Days campaign has had in this part of the world. Additionally, some of the media articles featured in the posts were used in their media kits which they distributed to over 10,000 delegates at an international garden centre conference in Chicago in August – they even incorporated photos of our Pink Day featured on the blog in their table centrepieces for a luncheon which they sponsored for over 500 delegates!!! It is overwhelming to think of sometimes. Who knew?

    And, to think it all started through blogging – POSITIVE blogging, and being inspired to find the beauty in the everyday! We just never know how far our words reach sometimes. The internet has made this world such a small place after all. So, PLEASE keep on blogging and sharing. Your words and ideas are powerful and encouraging.

    I would love to share more with you about the exciting experiences that blogging has brought to my life. Before I started my blog “Beautiful Ideas” in February, I hardly knew what a blog was! Lol You are welcome to visit me there anytime. Should you decide to contact me, Florence, my email is in the sidebar, and the blog address is below. I am sure I will come back to yours many times in the coming months – next time, I’ll bring a cuppa and settle in. I hope you are continuing to have a good day and wish you all the best, my friend.

    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Follow. Connect. Share something beautiful today!

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