Perk # 29: I Get First Pick Of “The Fodge”

Florence with Miami Sister, Lynette, and her son Andrew.

First of all, let me begin with a definition of the word “fodge” as I believe it to be an expression unique to the people of Lawn and their descendents.

Fodge (noun)  Hand me downs. Goods handed down to a person after being used and discarded by another.

I am one of five sisters.  My youngest sister Lynette, who lives in Miami……well, let’s just say, she $$$married well$$$.   A couple of times each year, Lynette will send home a fodge of designer clothing, make up, shoes and purses, which is descended upon by the females in my family like a pack of wolves.  Prior to getting cancer, I was lucky to walk away with a half a tube of Dior mascara.  You can only imagine how moved I was when Mom and Dad swaggered in last month with a big box from Florida, and a hand written note: “Make sure Florence gets first pick of the fodge!”  Now I have Coach purses coming out of the yin yang.

Tip:  It is okay to use your cancer to get free stuff.

9 thoughts on “Perk # 29: I Get First Pick Of “The Fodge”

  1. Flo,i,m here reading this and lolnlol.But you know i,m really too young to remember this kind of activity goin on at my house……lollollol

    • Yeah right Al. I think ye invented the word “fodge”. So true though, what I said about fodges. It doesn’t matter how much you have, or how old you are……….what a privledge to be the first one to pick through it 🙂 p.s. Did you know that only people from Lawn use that word? Gord Brockerville’s wife told me he had to explain it to her!

  2. Just dropped another in the mail yesterday…about 10 lipsticks..unused…estee Lauder and Lancome and clinique…..remember after the chemo you’ll have to start sharing with Juana, Sherry and mudder again…lol

  3. Florence I’ve just read your perks and it is your ability to spin a positive side to what you have gone through the past few months, that in itself is indeed remarkable, that will help in your recovery and win your battle with Cancer. When I saw your blog I thought of the day you wore that beautiful coat at school and I could’nt believe you had gotten it at a yardsale, so I must add u wear the “Fodges” well, enjoy them. Take Care!!!!

  4. Hi Florence,
    Although I have not seen you much in recent years I have thought about you a hundred times over in the past several months. You are as funny and as intelligent as ever.This most recent blog made me laugh because I’m sure you can remember fodge also has another meaning…back in the day( aka the teenage years ) many of us fondly referred to Ernie D. as fodge …and you are 100 % correct…it is a Lawner term…take care and God bless.

  5. I am listening to you on cbc radio and reading your blog while smiling and shredding a tear at the same time. I like and share your belief that everything happens for a purpose.

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