Perk # 27: Cancer Made Even My Most Embarassing Moment Seem Trivial

Flo in "hot wig"

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I met my soul mate, Shawn, at almost the exact same time that I found my lump.  Hey, I may be 44, but no matter what the age, new love is a magical time, and a time when we want our new partner to see only the very best of us.  This came as a bit of a dilemma to me when, just six months in to the relationship, all of my hair fell out.  Let’s just say, the honeymoon was far from over.  How could I possibly keep that magic alive while feeling like Uncle Fester?  Why, of course, a wig.  And, might I add, a “hot” looking wig!  That would keep the spark going for sure.

My relationship with Shawn is sometimes a long distance one and thanks to the internet, we are able to connect  nearly every day on Skype.   We usually plan our Skype dates in advance, which allows me time to put on my hair and make up, and make myself presentable.

About a month ago, Shawn surprised me by ringing in on my computer when I was in full chemo attack mode.  Not  a pretty sight.  However, I did manage to rush into the bathroom and hastily pull on my wig and put on a swipe of lipstick before answering his video call.

Much to my relief, while I could hear Shawn on Skype, I could not see him.  Turns out he was calling from his office computer, which does not have a camera.  I thought, “Great he can’t see me”, as my wig was not on right and I was wearing orange lipstick.  “That’s Ok”,  I said to him,  while tearing off my wig, throwing it across the bed and scratching my bald head, “We can still talk, even if we can’t see each other.”

I then proceeded to use my computer screen as a mirror, tugging and pulling at my face to see how I would look with an eyebrow lift, a nose job, or maybe a chin tuck. (Come on now, we’ve all done it!)  You can only imagine my horror when Shawn said….., “Florence, by the way you do realize that your camera is still on, and I can see you!  I thought it best to tell you that before you start to pick your nose or something.”

Tip:  Life is serious enough, with or without cancer.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

9 thoughts on “Perk # 27: Cancer Made Even My Most Embarassing Moment Seem Trivial

  1. Florence ,I have been following your blog and you are an inspiration to everyone.
    Your courage is amazing.I keep you in my prayers everday.

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