Perk # 25: Cancer Connected Me To A Powerful Prayer Network

Chemo # 5, Nov. 16th 2011.

Norman Vincent Peale, in his best selling book “The Power of Positive Thinking” said: When you send out a prayer for another person, you employ the force inherent in a spiritual universe.

When I first discovered I had cancer, I asked everyone I know to pray for me.  While I am a deeply spiritual person, I am also very scientifically minded.  I have learned that even in double blind studies, patients who are prayed for fare significantly better than those who are in the not prayed for group.  Which group would you rather belong to?

After each chemo, I post my “chemo status” on Facebook, and I am so pleased with the response.  Whether it be a formal prayer, a “thinking of you” or just “wishing you well”, all are good intentions and therefore forms of  prayer.

Tip:  Even if you are not a spiritual or religious person, what do you have to lose?  If you are sick, pray, and ask others to pray for your recovery.

10 thoughts on “Perk # 25: Cancer Connected Me To A Powerful Prayer Network

  1. You wise, beautiful and strong woman
    I am so glad you have entered my world.

    In the throes of your challenges
    you have given me courage and insights
    with my own challenges.
    Your generous spirit is a gift to me.

    With true affection, Kathy
    Shawn’s sister

  2. Florence, you never cease to amaze us ……. throw “anything” your way, and you will find a way to show us that situations such as this can only make you strong and an inspiration for others. And this is not your psychology training/experience coming through ….. this is Florence, our friend!!!!!!

  3. Thank you Shawn for sending this. Florence you are an incredible woman to have this inspiration through your treatments. I think with your positive attitude you will do amazing. Just continue with this and keep smiling. Keeping the faith will also be important in your recovery. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Keep posting 🙂

    Ros B

  4. This is brilliant Florence, it totally appreciate this #25, and it is a profound message for everyone working through challenges. Please know that Jonah, Simone, Denise and I are going to be sending you “blessings” every day at 6pm Nova Scotia time, when we sit to supper. Be ready to receive them 🙂

  5. Florence you are an incredible woman to get here and talk about your cancer is just amazing , to find positive thing with everything you’re going through is wonderful. You are an amazing woman,makes us all proud to be women. i hope to never to get cancer but if I ever do I hope I can be have as strong and positive as you are. God Bless and take care . My prayers are with you. Thinking of you often. Joy

  6. Florence, I really enjoyed reading your blog. We never know what life will throw at us but you are an inspiration to all who are fighting cancer to see the positive side of things. I am passing your blog along to my daughter who is also fighting cancer, I’m sure she will be able to relate to all your experiences. You are wished nothing but the best, and will be in my prayers. Take Care! XXOO Chrisie

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