Perk # 23: Cancer Has Made Me Feel Grateful For My Chores

WAIT!  Hear me out.  Yesterday I cooked supper for my children and cleaned up afterwards, all by myself.  And it felt wonderful.  I appreciate my support team and am quite happy to allow them to cook and clean for me when I need it.  But when I feel well enough to do it myself, I actually feel grateful for my chores.

Now I really get what Thich Nhat Hanh meant when he wrote:  “Washing the dishes is at the same time a means and an end-that is, not only do we do the dishes in order to have clean dishes, we also do the dishes just to do the dishes, to live fully in each moment while washing them.”  Now that is PROFOUND!

Tip: Don’t get too comfortable in the sick role.  When you can do for yourself, DO for yourself, and be grateful that you can.

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