Perk # 1: People Are Nicer To Me

Being goofy (I mean Minnie) with my baldness

Since getting cancer, EVERYONE is nicer to me! Friends and family are coming out of the woodwork to cook, clean, and help out with the kids. This is especially the case since I have lost my hair, as now I look the part of a cancer warrior.  As an added bonus, when I wear a hat or other head dress that gives away my baldness, even STRANGERS are super nice to me, giving up their parking spots, letting me go ahead of them in line ups, and dishing out the compliments like crazy.  For a while there, I thought every guy in the supermarket was hitting on me.  But alas, it wasn’t me, it was my turban that was attracting the attention.  (But it was nice all the same.)

Tip: Use your baldness to your advantage.  Go hairless once in a while and bask in the niceness of others.


4 thoughts on “Perk # 1: People Are Nicer To Me

  1. I am just starting my unplanned journey with breast cancer. I have only found out a week ago, it’s all so surreal. Your blog is exactly what I need to get me out of that “breast cancer blues”….I would love to laugh my way through this!
    Thank you for sharing your story…I can’t wait to see how mine turns out 🙂

    • Best of luck to you Victoria. If there is one piece of advice I can give it is this: Keep a positive attitude. With positive attitude comes positive action. If you are going to read one book, make it one of Bernie Siegel’s. He says, “There is no such thing as incurable diseases, only incurable people”.

  2. My wife asked me to begin reading your blog and I am glad I did! We have fought through two incidences of APL Leukemia in the past four year and things are now going well. We are truly grateful and understand your perks so well! Keep up the good work!

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